Joan McClusky, Communications Strategist, New York, NY
“I’ve known and worked with Arlen Tarlofsky for many years. His creative and intelligent approach has been integral to the development of superior products that met–and often exceeded–the expectations of both clients and faculty. He has also been a generous and valued teacher to me, and probably many others. I have worked with him on multiple shoots where he easily transferred between teamwork with me–to get the content required; rapport with those he was directing, whether patients or experts; and leading his crews–who were always superior, to produce high-quality products over often long shoots. He has always added value from the beginning of a project through final edits. He is also great fun to work with. Highest recommendations.”

Alfred Litwak, President at Shukla Medical
“I used Arlen’s talents as a director to produce a film introducing a new medical technology. I found Arlen to be imaginative, creative and a joy to work with. I have never met anyone who is as dedicated to their profession as Arlen. And he did it all on budget.”

Clayton Benn, Digital Content Producer, Sesame Workshop
“Arlen is a perfect combination of experience, youthful energy and creative enthusiasm. A tireless and effective worker that brings a level of expertise that surpasses most.”

Nader Mikhail, Creative Director/Copywriter
“Arlen is great to work with and true expert in online video production. At a time where 2 creative directors, an account director and a project manager were all giving feedback, Arlen went to me, the writer, and consulted with me every step of the way during the shoot especially when changes had to be made on the spot. I would hire him and his crew again in a minute.”