Mercury Sizzle Reel

Mercury Sizzle Reel

This is the Mercury Sizzle Reel.  A variety of…


Pharma/Healthcare, Entertainment, Digital, Corporate, Entertainment, Documentaries, Commercials


Mercury Sizzle Reel

Meadowlands 30ss

Meadowlands Racetrack.


Meadowlands Racetrack. 30ss Commercial.




Phillips de Pury

Burn Notice – Behind the Camera – Sizzle

Bar Wisdom for NTX

A smooth & relaxed informational video for NTX was called for. I had the opportunity to write, design & produce this project. Our challenge was to create a communication with natural dialogue and an acting tone. A great thanks to both Robert Spence and Amy Northup for their excellent performances. “I find it refreshing when we can design a program that breaks the well-worn commercial speak and presents a fresh, honest and engaging style. “For me, working with actors/real people to create a realistic & believable performance & mood to tell a story is always exciting.” Arlen ~

Burn Notice – Behind the Camera

Birth Control


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