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Mercury Sizzle Reel

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Little Sammy Davis

This is a documentary film about an elder statesmen of the blues; an “original”, a representative of the generation of men and women who have spent their lives dedicated to playing the Blues.
Most haven’t ever supported themselves solely by their music. This goes beyond just music; they are a legacy of a culture and musical style that will never be able to be repeated. Most have lived their lives with a love for this wonderful music and in many cases never receiving the notoriety that their white counterparts received.
Little Sammy Davis personifies this story. Sammy is a seventy-two year old harp player from Winona, Mississippi; a bluesman in the tradition of the great Jimmy Reed, Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters.
We explore where he’s come from, how he’s lived his life and listen to the music he plays. Perhaps most importantly, try to understand how the blues has become an American art form.
This is the last opportunity to show who these people are, why we love them and what we owe to them. They have the unique capability to capture our imaginations, move us emotionally and take us places we fear, love and desire.
You cannot help but love Sammy

  • Jury Selection London Film Festival
  • Jury Selection Woodstock Intern’l Film Festival
  • Audience Recognition Award -AFI/SILVERDOCS Discovery Channel Documentary Film Festival

Ben Stein

Burn Notice Trailer

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Little Sammy Davis – Trailer

White Collar – 36 Hour Emmy Sizzle

White Collar Emmy Sizzle